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The University of North Carolina Common Numbering System (UNC CNS) improves the transfer of courses between the 16 UNC System universities and the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM).

When students transfer between two participating CNS institutions, a course taken at the sending institution transfers as the course carrying the same CNS designation at the receiving institution.

The CNS includes lower undergraduate courses most often transferred between the UNC System institutions.

The CNS helps students plan a seamless transfer without loss of academic credit.

How the UNC Course Numbering System (CNS) works

CNS courses have a three-letter prefix and three-digit course number that represents specific course equivalency at UNC System institutions that carry the same CNS designation. Each institution retains its original course number. Institutional courses are mapped to an overarching UNC System numbering system, which helps to identify how a course transfers.

CNS List

The link below provides a list of all UNC System institution courses that are included in the current UNC CNS List.

CNS Course List

Course Transfer Search

The online course transfer database allows you to search for equivalent or transferrable courses across the UNC System institutions and the North Carolina Community Colleges. It is meant to assist with transfer planning, but the information presented here is subject to change and is not a guarantee of acceptance or transferability. It is important to check with your transfer institution (link to transfer contact list) to confirm transferability of courses and to understand institutional transfer policies.

Course Transfer Search


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