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The University of North Carolina Military Equivalency System (MES) optimizes the transfer of academic credit for military service members from the Joint Services Transcript (JST) into the 16 UNC System universities, in accordance with section 700.7.2 of the UNC System Policy Manual.

The MES is designed to help students maximize military credit transfer toward a credential at a UNC institution.

Students, potential applicants, university personnel, and members of the public can use the MES search to see how military training courses and occupational experience from a JST align to specific courses at UNC institutions. Note that equivalencies displayed are specific UNC courses from institutional course catalogs (e.g., MATH 1150, not “three hours of math”).

How the UNC Military Equivalency System (MES) search works.

The American Council on Education (ACE) conducts faculty evaluations of military occupations and training courses and maintains academic credit recommendations in the ACE Military Guide. In this guide, ACE assigns each military occupation and training course an identification number (ACE ID). Individuals may input ACE IDs found on their JST into the MES search, and the search will provide a list of approved course equivalencies at each UNC institution. The searcn enables users to export and print course equivalencies and to save search results by creating a user profile that can be accessed in the future.

The MES search only displays credit equivalencies for military courses and occupations reflected in the ACE Military Guide with an ACE ID. The search does not display equivalencies from the Community College of the Air Force, or for general education health and/or physical education. However, in addition to course equivalencies displayed in the MES search, UNC System Universities grant credit for general education health and/or physical education requirements based on military recruit training.